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Promoción Dyson Hairdryer Super Sonic R 2024

Get the exclusive NEW Dyson Supersonic r™ professional hairdryer by accumulating on your eShop purchases! Be one of the first to get it!

Buy a total accumulated net of €3,500 on eShop. Use the code DYSON2024 to accumulate on your Eshop purchases until you reach €3500 net and receive the exclusive NEW Dyson Supersonic r™ professional hairdryer for FREE on your next purchase - don't forget to apply the code on the purchases you want to accumulate!

To accumulate is as easy as:

  • At the bottom of the shopping cart you have a space to apply the voucher:DYSON2024 on the order you wish to accumulate and you will need to click the "APPLY" button once you have entered the voucher.
  • This voucher will cancel all the promotions in the order and will only be validated if there is no STMNT product in the order. A message will appear in the shopping cart informing you that the voucher has been validated correctly ("2602165 Acumulado Validado Dyson")
  • Once the voucher has been validated, process and finalise the order.
  • The order placed with the validated voucher already counts towards the accumulated amount!


You will have to keep track of the accumulated orders (your sales representative will inform you at all times if you need it). Once you have reached the accumulated amount of 3.500€ net (always having applied the code: DYSON2024 on your orders to accumulate!) a validation period of maximum7 working days will start from then. You will then receive communications on the website over the next few days (a fixed information banner while you are browsing in Eshop).  If you have any doubts, please write to us or contact your sales representative so that we can solve it as soon as possible.

This banner will inform you that you can apply the code to receive your FREE Dyson Supersonic r™ on your next order. Below are the detailed codes that will be activated (within a maximum of 7 working days) every time you accumulate €3.500 nets depending on the number of New Dyson Supersonic r™ hairdryers you have received:

  • If you have received 0 Dyson Supersonic r™ hairdryer enter code: DYSONGRATIS
  • If you have received 1 Dyson Supersonic r™ hairdryer enter code: DYSONGRATIS1
  • If you have received 2 Dyson Supersonic r™ hairdryer enter code: DYSONGRATIS2
  • If you have received 3 Dyson Supersonic r™ hairdryer enter code: DYSONGRATIS3
  • If you have received 4 Dyson Supersonic r™ hairdryer enter code: DYSONGRATIS4



Dyson's new professional hairdryer is lighter, more compact and automatically adjusts heat.
The Supersonic r is aimed at professional stylists and revolutionises the concept of this type of product, with an exclusive shape and details.

If Dyson has become a legendary brand in Spain, it is because of some of its most acclaimed products. This is the case of the Supersonic professional hairdryers, a product launched 8 years ago that revolutionised the styling market at that time. Almost a decade after that first launch, Dyson has unveiled its latest renewal: the Dyson Supersonic R hairdryer, which completely reinvents the product.

Dyson, in this case, is pushing the boat out by presenting a high-tech hairdryer that also stands out for being totally different to anything we have seen before.

The design of this hairdryer is extremely eye-catching, with an 'R' shape. In the company's own words, it seeks to adapt to the different ways in which high-end stylists use hairdryers, giving versatility and manoeuvrability. As if that wasn't enough, it also boasts significantly lighter weight and the latest in technological innovation in the industry.

The amount of cold elements is now reduced and therefore the airflow passing through is more evenly heated. With a glass bead thermistor that integrates a temperature sensor to control the heat. Another benefit of this system is that the temperature control is more precise when working, which is accompanied by a heat setting so that the hair is not damaged. 

What is included in the box?

  • Dyson Supersonic r™ Professional hair dryer (Vinca Blue/Topaz)
  • Professional Smart Concentrator - Directs the air precisely to where it is needed.
  • Smart Wide Tooth Comb- Designed to detangle and lengthen hair while drying.
  • Powerful Smart Air Attachment - Generates a high velocity airflow for fast drying.
  • Smart Diffuser- Helps to reduce frizz and define curls, ringlets and waves.


Accumulating your Eshop purchases is now rewarded!

*While stocks last, Henkel Ibérica reserves the right to deliver or not the prize depending on compliance with the dynamics of the promotion, the availability and stock of the material according to the order of orders.

*Until 31 December 2024 or out of stock

*Not combinable with other promotions

*Not combinable with STMNT products.

*Only accumulate for the 3500€ the orders in which the voucher DYSON2024 has been applied.

*Promotion valid only for existing Henkel customers.

*Promotion only valid for Field customers with standard contracts and no contract customers, excluding Top Color and chains Key Account contracts and special contracts

*To receive the NEW Dyson Hairdryer Super Sonic R it had to be accumulated €3500 net and apply corresponding voucher in the shopping cart.

*Henkel Ibérica S.A. is not responsible for managing the activation of the product warranty in order for it to come into effect by © Dyson. The beneficiary of the Dyson Supersonic dryer, upon receiving the product, must activate the warranty on the Dyson Official © Dyson website (www.dyson.es/es), by following the direct link to activate the product warranty: Activate your warranty (Activa tu garantía (dyson.es)). Dyson only activates the warranty from this point onwards and the © Dyson Technical Support Service is responsible for all queries and queries. The guarantee activation must be filled in with the date of delivery of the Dyson (delivery note), who: HENKEL and with the serial number of the received product.