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Get an additional 20% discount and an exclusive pack of colour materials for FREE with the purchase of €375 in Igora ZeroAmm products.

Introducing IGORA ZERO AMM, a new range with the known reliability of IGORA.

IGORA ZERO AMM is a permanent colouration free from ammonia and ammonia odour for a pleasant experience and natural-looking colour results.

IGORA ZERO AMM is formulated with Phytolipid Technology, vegan ingredients and wrapped in sustainable packaging.


With the purchase of 375€ in the new Igora ZeroAmm products get FREE: 

20% additional discount

  • 1x Smelling Card
  • 1x STD ST SKP Nueva Capa de Color
  • 1x OTP Carta de Color IR ZeroAmm compact

Optimised and convenient portfolio

The assortment has been formulated to be easily used with the IGORA ROYAL Oil Developers. So, no extra Developer needed, saving your business the cost of holding additional stock. 

Zero ammonia for a maximised colour result

*Until stocks last

*Not combinable with other promotions and neither between ranges.

*Only valid for Field customers with standard comercial conditions (TOP COLOR customers are excluded).

*Does not apply to STMNT products or salon tools.

*All amounts claimed in the promotion are net amounts.

*The additional % discount is applied on the net amount once the exclusive Eshop customer discount has been applied for customers without contract [99] or otherwise the default additional discount will be applied in cascade format for customers with commercial conditions registered.

*Only new Igora ZeroAmm products specific to the promotion are valid.