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N.º de IDH 2848260

Pack de 3 BC Sachets, que se compone por 2709567 BC RepairR Duo 12ml, 2709549 BC MoistK Duo 12ml & 2709224 BC ColorF Duo 12ml

Detalles del producto


Introducing Advanced Technology featuring Vegan Care Complex with Vegan Keratin Alternative + Arginine. When the hair goes through external aggressions such as chemical processes, heat, UV rays and free radicals, the cuticle becomes brittle or can even totally disappear leaving the hair fibre open and unprotected. The damaged hair is altered at two levels – the inner level cortex reveals deep structural gaps weakening the hair architecture, the outer level cuticle becomes uneven and rough. Hair friction and tangle risk increase over time, and the hair loses its natural movement, softness and shine. The secret of Bonacure Repair Rescue professional hair products lies in the combined action of Cell Equalizer Technology and Arginine, designed to reverses 3 years of damage. Hair is deeply reconstructed inch-by-inch and protected by a reactive anti-friction shield. As a result, hair is instantly and visibly repaired, strengthened, full of movement, with incredible shine and softness.

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    BC Bonacure pH 4.5 Color Freeze

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Modo de uso

Shampoo: Apply the hair cleanser to wet hair. Work in and rinse thoroughly. Treatment: Apply the repairing hair treatment to towel-dried hair and work in. Leave in for up to 10 mins. Rinse thoroughly.


Avoid contact with eyes. Rinse immediately if product comes into contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.